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GB/T 27922 After-sales Service Certification

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Basic introduction

Commodity after-sales service certification is an independent innovation service certification project in China, which has opened up a new field of service certification.Certification is mainly based on the national standard of "evaluation system of commodity after-sales service" and relevant technical documents to review the service ability of enterprises, and obtain the corresponding certification results (star level).The certification process adopts the scoring system to score according to the standards and relevant elements, and finally determines the star rating by the score.

GB/T 27922-2011 “Evaluation system for after sales service of goods”  is a national standard issued on December 30, 2011 and implemented on February 1, 2012. The standard specifies the basic elements of the after-sales service system of commodities, including principles, indicators and methods. It evaluates the service system, commodity service and customer service of enterprises, and measures the level of service ability according to the evaluation score, and shows it in the form of star rating.

Significance of implementation

1.Establish a more systematic, perfect and effective after-sales service management system to improve the level and awareness of after-sales service of enterprises.

2.Objective to reflect the level of enterprise after-sales service, accurately find the problems existing in the process of enterprise after-sales service and the improvement methods. 

3. Show the capability level of the after-sales service of enterprises and improve organization image. 

4. Promote enterprises to further improve the quality of after-sales service, help enterprises service ability and service level, further enhance the competitiveness and popularity of enterprises in the industry, and provide important guarantee for the realization of organization brand strategy. 

5. Promote continual improvement of enterprises’ work of strengthening after-sales service, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs and increase profits to a certain extent. 

6. Promote sales performance, enhance customers' confidence in purchasing products and win more market opportunities. 

Certification basis

GB/T 27922-2011 “Evaluation system for after sales service of goods”