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GB/T 27925 Brand Certification Certification

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Basic introduction

  In March 2017, Premier Li Keqiang made it clear in the 2017 government work report that we should extensively carry out quality improvement actions, strengthen total quality management, and improve the quality competition mechanism for the survival of the fittest. The soul of quality lies in ingenuity. We should vigorously carry forward the craftsman spirit, plant craftsman culture, adhere to professional ethics, advocate excellence, cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen", create more world-famous "Chinese brands", and promote China's economic development into a quality era.

  Brands are becoming more and more critical to business success, making them increasingly vulnerable to angry consumers, ambitious competitors, and 24-hour media attacks.

  The regulations of the People's Republic of China on certification and accreditation stipulates that "the State shall implement the certification of products, services and management systems in accordance with the needs of economic and social development". At present, there are three kinds of certification in China. Brand certification, the full name of "Commercial enterprise brand evaluation certification", and commodity after-sales service evaluation system certification, belong to the service certification category.

  Brand service system certification: the national standard of brand evaluation and corporate culture construction guidelines for commercial enterprises drafted and centralized by the China General Chamber of Commerce, promulgated by AQSIQ and the National Standards Commission, and implemented on February 1, 2012.This is the first national standard of enterprise brand evaluation and corporate culture construction in China.

  The core content of the brand service system standard is the brand evaluation index and score of commercial enterprises, with a full score of 1000 points, which is divided into five first level indicators such as "ability, quality, reputation, corporate culture and influence", as well as 17 second level indicators and 52 third level indicators, such as"brand planning, brand management, security mechanism, enterprise quality, commodity quality, service quality, brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty, social responsibility, integrity, spiritual belief, publicity and promotion, customer perception, industry communication, industry impact and social impact”.

  Brand certification is a service provided by some authoritative organizations or large organizations for enterprises or brand agents. It is a

 recognition of the brand value of a certain enterprise or product. Enterprises with formal business license or agents with power of attorney of brand agency can submit application for brand certification.


Significance of implementation

  1.Improve the selling point of products and enhance the competitiveness of products in the market. Authoritative brand certification, to a certain extent, verifies the performance of the product, plays a role in polishing the product highlights and improving the company's visibility.

  2.Attract consumers' attention. The authoritative brand certification certificate will quickly win consumers' trust in the brand, play a role in guiding consumption, copy the plaque to the agent and hang it on the store display wall to attract consumers.

  3.Enhance enterprise confidence. Authoritative brand certification to a certain extent affirms the efforts and efforts of enterprises, and promotes the steady development of enterprises.

  4.Attract dealers and agents to join in and consolidate their confidence in the company.

Certification basis

  GB / T 27925-2011 "Evaluation of business enterprise brand and guide of enterprise culture construction"