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Q/HXC 001 Furniture Customization Service Certification

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Basic introduction

  Service certification is a kind of conformity assessment activity for the management of service providers and whether the service level meets the requirements of relevant standards. Service certification is a new certification system based on customer perception, focusing on organization quality management and satisfaction of service characteristics. It is an important part of national quality infrastructure (NQI). It plays an active role in improving the proportion of quality service supply and enhancing the international competitiveness of China's service.

  Furniture industry has a long history since ancient times. Before the introduction of processing machinery, furniture production belongs to the category of handicraft industry. With the introduction of  large-scale machinery, the processing efficiency has been greatly improved, and the diversification of furniture materials, the low-cost stereotyped furniture has emerged. Due to the particularity of furniture, it is necessary to match the space and structure of furniture. Most of furniture needs to be customized or designed to modify the size of furniture. In particular, the main force of bidding for office furniture and school furniture needs to provide high-level customized service. At present, there are some problems in furniture customization industry, such as small scale, weak standardization, uneven service level, low anti risk ability, and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Only by improving the service ability and level as soon as possible and making it bigger and stronger, can enterprises remain invincible.

  When evaluating the furniture customization service according to the standard, the full score is 150. The certification of furniture customization service is divided into one star, two-star, three-star, four-star and five-star, and five-star is the highest level.

Significance of implementation

  1.Internally, furniture enterprises can introduce standardized and systematic management ideas by strengthening service awareness and taking relevant measures to improve service ability and level, so as to lay a foundation for becoming bigger and stronger.

  2.Externally, the certified enterprises show the society that they have the guarantee of the service ability and level by the independent third party, which is easier to attract the attention of consumers and win the trust of consumers.

  3.As the ordering party pays more and more attention to the quality of the service received, whether the furniture enterprise has the certification certificate is very likely to be used as a score item or even a condition.With more and more similar conditions of furniture enterprises, the phenomenon of losing due to lack of certification certificate will increase.

Certification basis

  Q / HXC 001-2018 “Furniture Customization Service Evaluation System”