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Q/HXC 013 Environmental Sanitation Equipment Customization Service Certification

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Basic introduction

  Service certification is a kind of conformity assessment activity for the management of service providers and whether the service level meets the requirements of relevant standards. Service certification is a new certification system based on customer perception, focusing on organization quality management and satisfaction of service characteristics. It is an important part of national quality infrastructure (NQI). It plays an active role in improving the proportion of quality service supply and enhancing the international competitiveness of China's service.

  Environmental sanitation equipment customization is the process of putting forward design scheme according to the personalized requirements of style, color and space size proposed by customers. According to the design scheme determined by customers, environmental sanitation equipment is produced, and after-sales service such as delivery and maintenance is completed. According to the activities and processes in the customized service of environmental sanitation equipment, the corresponding systems and specifications are formulated for internal control.

  When evaluating the customized service of environmental sanitation equipment according to this standard, the full score is 150 points. The management implementation and evaluation are carried out from the aspects of internal management, market service, after-sales service, supervision and improvement.Environmental sanitation equipment customization service certification certificate is divided into one star, two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star level certification, and five-star certification is the highest level.

Significance of implementation

  In the process of service system establishment, through investigation, consultation, evaluation and other activities, we can find out the deficiencies in service activities and improve space for improvement to establish a perfect service system, and improve the quality and level of service.

  Through the process of certification, we can refine our own service characteristics, promote enterprises to innovate service mode and build service brand. Enterprise service standards, through the certification of enterprise service management to meet the relevant national standards (or industry standards, or alliance standards), strengthen after-sales service management level and service capabilities.

  The enterprises that have passed the certification mean that they are in the leading position in the service of the whole industry in the whole country, which can be used for the marketing and promotion of service products, increase the credibility and increase the consumer confidence. Service certification can provide qualification for enterprises to participate in large-scale project bidding, government procurement bidding, industry rating, etc.

Certification basis

  Q / HXC 013-2018 “Evaluation system for furniture customization service of sanitation equipment”