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T/CRRA 0105 Living Garbage Sorting Service Evaluation System Certification

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Basic introduction

  In 2018, ten categories of renewable resources were recovered in China, including scrap steel, waste non-ferrous metals, waste plastics, waste tires, waste paper, waste electrical and electronic products, end-of-life motor vehicles, waste textiles, waste glass and waste batteries. With increased downward pressure on the economy and intensified enforcement of environmental protection inspection in various regions, in order to adapt to the change of economic environment, the renewable resources recovery industry has strengthened its own reform and accelerated the pace of innovation. A number of competitive new recycling enterprises have emerged. Relying on good operation and management mechanism, some recycling enterprises have solved the problems of high recovery cost and irregular development through cross industry and cross market cooperation and realize sustainable development. At the same time, some state-owned enterprises, listed companies and Internet enterprises have entered the recycling industry, accelerating the pace of innovation and transformation of traditional recycling enterprises.For example, GREE has invested billions of yuan to set up a number of renewable resources companies across the country, engaged in the harmless dismantling and disposal of waste electrical and electronic products and end-of-life vehicles.

  Promoting green development is not only the gold key to the standardized, orderly and healthy development of the industry, but also the inevitable way for the transformation and upgrading of renewable resources recovery industry. In 2018, the government strengthened industry guidance, actively promoted green recycling, guided the preparation and revision of industrial standards such as “green recycling specification for renewable resources”, “construction and management specification for green sorting center of renewable resources” to standardize green recycling of renewable resources and accelerate the green development of renewable resources recovery industry.

  Since the “implementation plan of domestic waste classification system”was formally implemented in 2017, mandatory classification of domestic waste has been implemented in 46 key cities. In 2018, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development decided to start domestic waste classification in cities at prefecture level and above. A part of renewable resources recycling enterprises gradually extend to the garbage classification business, improve the quality of supply service by purchasing market services by the government, and realize the integrated service of domestic waste sorting and recycling and sorting.

  In order to promote the comprehensive implementation of waste classification and improve the service level of renewable resources recycling enterprises participating in waste classification, in 2019, China Material Recycling Association issued the group standard formulation task of "Evaluation system for domestic waste classification service of renewable resources recycling enterprises". After a large number of questionnaire surveys and on-the-spot visits of enterprises, the association worked out the standard jointly with several enterprises, and it was officially implemented on May 1, 2020. The implementation of the group standard will play a positive role in promoting the work of waste classification in China.

Significance of service certification

  It is a strategic decision of the organization to adopt the evaluation system of waste classification service of renewable resources recycling enterprises, which can help them improve their overall performance.If the waste classification service management is adopted as soon as possible to seize the opportunity of ecological civilization construction, the waste classification service evaluation system of renewable resources recycling enterprises will be more effective and efficient.

  This standard is helpful to all types and scales of renewable resources recycling enterprises:

  1. Improve the management awareness of domestic waste classification service;

  2. Provide support for operation and decision-making to deal with domestic waste classification service;

  3. Improve the efficiency and effect of domestic waste classification service response;

  4. Enhance the rationality of action;

  5. Effective allocation and use of domestic waste classification service management resources;

  6. Implement proactive and forward-looking management;

  7. Improve the identification of opportunities and threats;

  8. Comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations and certification and accreditation requirements;

  9. Improve the confidence and trust of stakeholders, including certified customers;

  10. Improve the prevention and treatment of domestic waste classification services;

  11. Reduce losses;

  12. Improve the learning ability of recycling enterprises;

  13. Enhance the survival and sustainable development ability of renewable resources recovery enterprises.

Certification basis

  T / CRRA 0105-2020 “Renewable resources recycling enterprises engaged in living garbage sorting service evaluation system”