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Mass Makerspace Service Certification

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Basic introduction

  In order to improve the professional service level of mass makerspace (joint office), accelerate the development of new entrepreneurial service platforms such as mass makerspace (joint office), create a good innovation and entrepreneurship ecological environment, stimulate the creative vitality of hundreds of millions of people, create a new engine of economic development, meet the strong demand of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and realize the matching of supply side efficiency of mass makerspace (joint office), to fully implement the “Guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the Development of Mass Makerspace”(GKFH (2015) No. 297) and the notice of the “Torch center of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the service specification of mass makerspace”. The formulation of this standard is helpful to promote the service standard behavior of mass makerspace (joint office), and provide platform support for the healthy and sustainable development of mass makerspace (joint office).

  Mass makerspace refers to an innovation and entrepreneurship platform that provides working space, network space, social space and resource sharing space to meet the needs of public innovation and entrepreneurship, actively uses new means such as crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and takes socialization, specialization, marketization and networking as its service characteristics, and realizes low-cost, convenient, all factor and open operation of innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

  Mass makerspace (joint office) is a new service platform that can improve the convenience of entrepreneurship, reduce the entrepreneurial cost and focus on the core business development by improving the allocation of innovation and entrepreneurship elements, sharing office supporting facilities and services. It is characterized by flexibility, interactivity, high efficiency and sharing. It provides entrepreneurs with a comfortable, convenient, efficient docking and comprehensive office space with complete functions. It has the advantages of multiple distribution outlets, strong technical support, complete supporting services and comprehensive service items. It supports entrepreneurs to enjoy services such as incubation and industrial acceleration in the space, and promotes the accelerated growth of enterprises.

Significance of service certification

  In the process of service system establishment, through investigation, consultation, evaluation and other activities, we can find out the deficiencies in service activities and improve the space for improvement, establish a perfect service system, and improve the quality and level of service.

  Through the process of certification, we can refine our own service characteristics, promote enterprises to innovate service mode and shape service brand. Enterprise service complies with standards through the certification of enterprise service management to meet the relevant national standards (or industry standards, or alliance standards), strengthen service management level and service capabilities.

  The enterprises that have passed the certification mean that they are in the leading position in the service of the whole industry in the whole country, which can be used for the marketing and promotion of service products, increase the credibility and increase the consumer confidence. Service certification can provide qualification for enterprises to participate in large-scale project bidding, government procurement bidding, industry rating, etc.

  The certification of mass makerspace service is divided into one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star and five-star, and five-star is the highest level.

Certification basis

  Service standard of makerspace (joint office)