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T/EDA02 Online Store Sales Service Evaluation System Certification

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Basic introduction

  As a form of e-commerce, online store is a kind of website that allows people to purchase while browsing, and complete the transaction through various online payment means.

  The development of network technology promotes the progress of e-commerce and makes online shopping possible. Because online shopping is not limited by time, has a wide range of choices, a variety of goods, cheap prices, convenient and other remarkable characteristics, so it is loved and respected by the public, online shopping interest has brought huge network business opportunities. People have joined the ranks of online stores. They dream of becoming a successful online gold digger. But if you want to run an online store well, you need not only the enthusiasm of the operator, but also the basic process of opening an online store, master scientific management methods and know effective marketing skills.Only when we are well prepared and understand all kinds of knowledge about opening online stores, can we make our online stores stand out from the numerous online stores and win customers and markets. Finally, we will succeed.

  Service certification is a kind of conformity assessment activity for the management of service providers and whether the service level meets the requirements of relevant standards. Service certification is a new certification system based on customer perception, focusing on organization quality management and satisfaction of service characteristics. It is an important part of national quality infrastructure (NQI). It plays an active role in improving the proportion of quality service supply and enhancing the international competitiveness of China's service.

Significance of service certification

  In the process of service system establishment, through investigation, consultation, evaluation and other activities, we can find out the deficiencies in service activities and improve the space for improvement, establish a perfect service system, and improve the quality and level of service.

  Through the process of certification, we can refine our own service characteristics, promote enterprises to innovate service mode and shape service brand. Enterprise service complies with standards through the certification of enterprise service management to meet the relevant national standards (or industry standards, or alliance standards), strengthen after-sales service management level and service capabilities.

  Standardize the service process and service standard of online stores;

  Improve the customer satisfaction rate and customer loyalty of online stores;

  Improve the reputation of online stores and online shopping platform rating;

  Online store sales service certification is divided into one star, two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star certification, five-star is the highest level of certification.

Certification basis

  T / EDA 02-2017 “Online store service evaluation system”