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SB/T10962 Wholesale and Retail Services Certification

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Basic introduction

  Wholesale and retail service certification is certified by a third-party certification body approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C, which evaluates the wholesale and retail services of the applicant enterprises according to SB / T 10962-2013 “Service quality evaluation system of commodity management enterprises”. The certification results are divided into three-star, four-star and five-star according to the score. The enterprises that have passed the certification can carry out publicity and promotion according to the certified star level, and use the certification star mark legally.

  The service quality evaluation system of commodity business enterprises stipulates the terms, definitions and evaluation requirements of the service quality evaluation system of commodity business enterprises.This standard is applicable to commercial organizations that provide goods and services to customers (hereinafter referred to as organizations). Service culture is the summation of service concept, professional concept and other service value orientation formed in the process of long-term service to users. The content includes service culture, leadership, human resources and service strategy, service system and service process.

Significance of service certification

  In the process of service system establishment, through investigation, consultation, evaluation and other activities, we can find out the deficiencies in service activities and improve the space for improvement, establish a perfect service system, and improve the quality and level of service.

  Through the process of certification, we can refine our own service characteristics, promote enterprises to innovate service mode and shape service brand. Enterprise service complies with standards through the certification of enterprise service management to meet the relevant national standards (or industry standards, or alliance standards), strengthen service management level and service capabilities.

  The enterprises that have passed the certification mean that they are in the leading position in the service of the whole industry in the whole country, which can be used for the marketing and promotion of service products, increasing the credibility, strengthening the quality management, improving the enterprise efficiency, enhancing the customer confidence and expanding the market share.

Certification basis

  SB/T 10962-2013 “Service quality evaluation system of commodity management enterprises