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GA/T 594 Security Services Certification

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Basic introduction

  Service certification is a kind of conformity assessment activity for the management of service providers and whether the service level meets the requirements of relevant standards. Service certification is a new certification system based on customer perception, focusing on organization quality management and satisfaction of service characteristics. It is an important part of national quality infrastructure (NQI). It plays an active role in improving the proportion of quality service supply and enhancing the international competitiveness of China's service.

  The security service certification standard specifies the specific operation procedures of security service and the basic requirements of service quality. It is applicable to security service activities carried out in the administrative region of the people's Republic of China.

  Security service is to meet the safety needs of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. According to the laws, regulations, rules and relevant provisions of China, professional security services and related services are provided by enterprises and organizations established according to law. Security services are generally in accordance with the contract, taking the form of door keeping, guard, patrol, escort, body guard, crowd control, technical prevention, security consultation and other forms to protect the personal, property and information security of customers and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

  The full score of security service certification is 1000 points. The service certification is divided into one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star and five-star, and five-star is the highest level.

The significance of service certification

  In the process of service system establishment, through investigation, consultation, evaluation and other activities, we can find out the deficiencies in service activities and improve the space for improvement, establish a perfect service system, and improve the quality and level of service.

  Through the process of certification, we can refine our own service characteristics, promote enterprises to innovate service mode and shape service brand. Enterprise service complies with standards through the certification of enterprise service management to meet the relevant national standards (or industry standards, or alliance standards), strengthen service management level and service capabilities.

  The enterprises that have passed the certification mean that they are in the leading position in the service of the whole industry in the whole country, which can be used for the marketing and promotion of service products, increase the credibility and increase the consumer confidence. Service certificate can provide qualifications for enterprises to participate in large-scale project bidding, government procurement bidding, industry rating, etc.

Certification basis

  GA / T 594-2006 “Operational procedure and quality control for security services”