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GB/T 20647.9 Property Service Certification

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Basic introduction

  Property refers to all kinds of houses that have been completed and put into use, and their matching equipment, facilities and sites. Property can be large or small. A unit residence can be a property. A building can also be a property. The same building can be divided into several properties according to different ownership. Property contains a variety of formats, such as office buildings, commercial buildings, residential areas, villas, industrial parks, hotels, workshops and warehouses.

  Property service area refers to the unified property area composed of residential, commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings and other ancillary facilities and equipment and related sites that have been completed and delivered to the owners for use.

  Property management refers to the activities in which the owners select and employ property service organizations to repair, maintain and manage the house and its supporting facilities and equipment and relevant sites according to the property service contract, so as to maintain the environmental sanitation and relevant order in the property service area.

  The property service evaluation should be continuous. After the evaluation results are obtained, the surveillance and evaluation (including the supervision of customers and the third party) should be carried out at least annually, and at least once every three years to achieve the purpose of maintenance and improvement.

  When evaluating the property service according to this standard, the full score of each index is 150, which is managed and evaluated from the aspects of internal management, owner relationship maintenance, operation and maintenance of public facilities, environmental maintenance and beautification, service supervision and improvement.

  Property service certification is divided into one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star certification. Five-star is the highest level of certification.

Significance of service certification 

  1.The service object has the stability, helps the enterprise to maintain the continuous stable service quality and enhances the brand image of the enterprise;

  2.Guide the use of standardized service mode to improve the service ability of property services and enhance the satisfaction of owners;

  3.Important reference and qualification requirements for bidding of large enterprises and institutions and government procurements;

  4.Help enterprises improve service system, continuously improve service quality and establish good service reputation;

  5.Seek the improvement of hidden dangers and deficiencies of service technology activities to ensure that the risk of self-management is controllable.

Certification basis

  GB / T 20647.9-2006 “Community service guide Part 9: Property service”

  Q / HXC 007-2018 “Property service evaluation system”