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EAC Certification

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1. What is EAC certification?

The EAC Conformity Certificate (EACCOc) of Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an official certificate, proving that the product conforms to the coordinating technical regulations of the member states of EAEU. Obtaining EACCOc of EAEU means that the product can be circulated and sold freely in the whole customs union of the member states of EAEU.

2. Why do we need EAC certification?

Before founding the customs union, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have separate certification systems. As the certification is under the administration the national bureau of standard of each of the three countries which is abbreviated as GOST, the former EAC is GOST certification in each country. In Russia, it is GOST-R certification (R represents Russia); in Belarus, it is GOST-B certification (B represents Belarus); and in Kazakhstan, it is GOST-K certification (R represents Kazakhstan).     

After the certifications of the three countries were unified as EAC, as there are many products under control, there is a greater demand for certification. So, EAC certification is mandatory for enterprises to enter Russia and its surrounding markets and enterprises must learns about it. If an enterprise insists on applying for the certification for a single country such as GOST-R certification for Russia, it can be done, but it is not cost-effective as the product cannot be sold to other countries.

3. What is the procedure for EAC certification?

There are two kinds of EAC certificates. One is EACCOc, a certificate issued by a certification body and a test laboratory certified and registered uniformly in the customs union. Any factory in China can apply for this certificate. EACCOc certificates are issued in batches according to the validity period of one, two, three, four or five years. For continuity certificates, factory audit and annual surveillance shall be performed. The other kind is called EAC Declaration of Conformity, which can be issued by providing documents without any sample test and factory inspection. The certification applicant must have a partner in the customs union as the bonding company for the quality of its product. The Declaration of Conformity is cheap and quick to apply for.

As more 90% products can apply for EAC Declaration of Conformity by far, most products entering Russia and other countries can be certified without test and factory inspection, except for the few products such as vehicles.

4. What is EAC Declaration of Conformity (EAC DOC)?

EAC DOC of EAEU is the official certificate to prove that the product meets the minimum requirements of EAEU technical regulations. EAC DOC is issued by a manufacturer, importer or authorized representative and is registered in the server of the official government registration system. The product certified with EAC DOC has the right to circulate and sell freely in the whole customs region of the member states of EAEU.  

5. What is the difference between EACCOc and EAC DOC?

EAC Certificate can only be issued after quality assessment of the manufacturer, which must be performed by a certification body accredited in one of the member states in EAEU. EAC certification is performed according to the technical documents, the test reports provided by an accredited test laboratory and the onsite audits. EAC Certificate is printed on a formal certificate form with multiple anti-counterfeit element and is certified with the signature and seal of the accredited body. EAC Certificate is often issued to the products with higher and more complex risks under the wide control by the authority.  

EAC Declaration is the official declaration of a manufacturer, importer or authorized representative to prove that the product meets the minimum requirements of EAEU technical regulations. Unlike EAC Certificate, EAC Declaration is issued by a manufacturer or importer itself. All necessary tests and analysis are done in or by the manufacturer or the laboratory in some circumstances. The applicant shall sign EAC Declaration on a piece of simple A4 paper. EAC Declaration must be listed in the registration system of the unified governments server by an accredited certification body in a member state of EAEU.   

Category of EAC certification

EAC Certificate

EAC Declaration


A manufacturer, importer or authorized representative of a legal person in EAEU 

A manufacturer, importer or authorized representative of a legal person in EAEU 

Issued by

A certification body

The applicant

Conformity assessment

Based on the test report of the accredited test laboratory

Based on the test report provided by the applicant or the test report of the accredited test laboratory

Quality assurance

Audited by a certification body or overall production audit performed by an ISO certified third party organization

Performed by the applicant

Issued certificate

Issued in the format of formal certificate form by the certification body

Signed by the applicant on a piece of A4 paper

Certificate registration

Registered by the certification body

Registered by the applicant itself

Valid period

1 to 5 years depending on the regulations, or can be issued in batches

1 to 5 years depending on the regulations, or can be issued in batches


The certification body is liable

The applicant is liable

Surveillance audit

The certification body


6. How long is the EAC certification period?

If an enterprise applies for EAC Declaration of Conformity and the full package of documents is provided to the certification body, the certificate can be issued around a week. If it involves sample test and factory inspection, the period will be about 3 or 4 months.

7. How to verify the authenticity of EAC Certificate?

The registration information is announced on the website of EAEU (http://www.eaeunion.org/). The service area includes all EAC Certificates issued in member states of EAEU (five states), information of EAC Declarations and the link to registration by a certification body and an accredited test laboratory.

8. How long does it take to apply for EAC Declaration of Conformity?

EAC Declaration can be issued within 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the certification assessment plan adopted adopted by the applicant. If the certification procedure is complex, it will take more time. If the declaration needs type approval, it may need 3 to 8 months or even longer.

9. EAEU certification procedure

(1) The applicant proposes the certification application;

(2) The certification body determines the certification mode and the implementation requirements according to the status of the product of the applicant;  

(3) The applicant prepares and submits all business and technical documents needed for certification;

(4) Determine whether it is necessary to perform sample test or factory audit according to the certification mode;

(5) Audit and supplement all documents needed for certification;

(6) Issue the certificate;

(7) File the certificate on the website.

10. Documents needed to prepare for EAC certification:

(1) Manufacturer information : Business License (provide relevant Production License if special production permit is involved), ISO 9000 Certificate, accurate Chinese and English name, address, contact person and contact information, etc.;

(2) Product information: Accurate Chinese and English name, serial model No. and HS Code of the product; product specifications (English/Russian version); product drawings (mechanical assembly drawing, electrical schematic diagram, hydraulic/pneumatic schematic diagram, etc.); nameplate; appearance photos; test report ( the inspection report from a third party or the delivery inspection report from the enterprise); certificates (such as CE certification, UL certification, ASME or API certification, etc.)

(3) Information of the authorized representative (accurate English and Russian name, address, contact person, contact information, bank account information, etc.);

(4) Business qualifications of the authorized representative (INN certificate, OGRN certificate);

(5) Contracts and receipts between the applicant and the foreign purchaser (direct procurement contracts and invoices between both parties, *necessary documents for applying for a single batch certification*);

(6) Information and business qualifications of the foreign purchaser (accurate English and Russian name, address, contact person, contact information, INN certificate, OGRN certificate, *necessary documents for applying for a single batch certification*)