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GB/T 50430 Engineering Construction Enterprises Quality Management Certification

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Basic introduction

In order to further improve the quality management level of construction enterprises, provide high-quality buildings for the society, and meet the strong professional needs of quality management in the field of construction, the national certification and accreditation supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development decided to apply the "code for quality management of engineering construction enterprises" in the certification of quality management system in the construction field, the current effective version is GB / T 50430-2017. GB / T 50430-2017 "Code for quality management of engineering construction enterprises" is jointly prepared by China Construction Industry Association and relevant units.

GB / T 50430 "Code for quality management of engineering construction enterprises" is formulated by taking the international quality management system standards as the principle and considering the specific characteristics of China’s engineering construction enterprises in order to further improve the quality management level of construction enterprises and provide high-quality residential, non residential, municipal, road, railway, water conservancy, power, electrical and pipeline construction.

Standard features

Quality management can be realized by the quality management system of engineering construction.  HXC  Certification Center has sufficient experience in the establishment, implementation and control of engineering construction quality management systems. The quality policy of engineering construction enterprises needs to be approved before it takes effect, and it needs the approval of the top management.  The construction enterprise can determine the quality requirements and issue it at its discretion. The construction is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

Standardizing quality behavior and leading staff’s quality awareness

Specify quality principle and direction

Significance of implementation

Unify the overall consciousness of employees, establish quality objectives and the direction of staff quality activities and be consistent and coordinated with the quality management specifications of engineering construction enterprises. Quality objectives should be presented in the form of long-term, phased and annual.

All levels of construction enterprises should supervise and manage according to the requirements, establish the quality progression degree, and carry out assessment to improve and standardize the quality behavior. 

Plan and establish quality management system  standard for engineering construction enterprises.