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GB/T 31950 Enterprise Integrity Management System Certification

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Basic introduction

Enterprise integritymanagement system certification is a certification service approved by the national certification and Accreditation Administration. According to the national standard: enterprise integrity management system (GB / T 31950-2015) is a certification service by auditing the management technique, business operation and relevant system arrangement of enterprise integrity risk prevention, control and transfer.

Through the establishment and implementation of enterprise integrity management system and internal audit, enterprises can promote the construction of integrity system and integrity culture, guide enterprises to establish the concept of honest and trustworthy production and managementconcept, and perform social responsibility, and run the concept through the whole process of enterprise activities.

Standard features

GB/T31950 Enterprise Integrity Management System Certification(图1)

Significance of implementation

The enterprise integrity management system focuses on the improvement of the enterprise’s own integrity level. Through guiding the enterprise to enhance the sense of social responsibility, identify the integrity elements in the production and operation activities, strengthen the integrity self-discipline, and constantly improve the ability to meet the requirements of customers and other stakeholders, so as to achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise, and then achieve the continual improvement purpose of the enterprise’s integrity management level.

The enterprise integrity management system encourages enterprises to analyze the requirements of customers and other stakeholders, and their ability to meet the requirements, and make necessary commitments; identify, early warn, prevent, control and actof possible or existing dishonest risks, integrity crises and dishonest behaviors, and stipulate relevant processes and make them under continualcontrol to meet such requirements and commitments,and help enterprises to continually improve the level of integrity.