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CNPC Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Certification

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Basic introduction

Q / SY 1002.1 Health, safety and environmental management system Part 1: Specification

Q / SY1002. 1-2013 “Health, safety and environmental management system -  Part 1: Specification”formulated by CNPC. HSE management system is a three-in-one management system. HSE is the abbreviation of health, safety and environment management system. The HSE management system is an organic composition as a whole of the elements of organization, responsibility, procedure, process and resources of the organization during the implementation of health, safety and environmental management. These elements are organically integrated with advanced, scientific and systematic operation mode, and are inter-related and inter-linked, forming a dynamic management system. As the management of safety, environment and health are closely related in the actual work process, it is necessary for modern petrochemical enterprises to form a whole management system of health, safety and environment in view of the characteristics of high pollution and high risk in petrochemical industry.

With the promotion of international organization for standardization, HSE standard has been very mature after years of development. Petroleum and petrochemical companies in the world pay more attention to HSE management, and HSE management has become a worldwide trend and theme. HSE management system has brought good economic benefits and social image to all petroleum and petrochemical organizations.

In order to further promote the work of health, safety and environment management system of CNPC, according to the successful experience and practice of promoting HSE management system of CNPC in recent years, the No. 104. 1 standard was re-standardized and reorganized, and a new version of HSE standard, namely Q / SY1002. 1-2013, was issued. Based on the framework of Q / SY1002. 1-2013, it integrates the best practices of international oil companies on health, safety and environment management, as well as the relevant requirements of AQ9006-2010 "Basic norms for work safety standardization",  forming the existing technical content.

Standard features

The concept of all accidents can be prevented with all staff involved, the management mode of layer responsibility system, the programmed and standardized scientific management method, and the principle of identifying and controlling dangerous situations being implemented in advance. As a kind of management system, through taking effective prevention, reduction, control and emergency measures, HSE has significantly reduced the personnel injury, property loss and environmental pollution of the implementation enterprise, and solved the management problems of safety, health and environment.

The standard emphasizes the principle of prevention and continual improvement in advance. It has a mechanism of high self-restraint, self-improvement and self-improvement. It is a modernized management mode and management system.

Significance of implementation

1. It points out a new systematic management idea for health, safety and environmental protection management of organizations related to oil and gas exploration and refining production.

2. It provides a tool for petroleum exploration and refining related organizations to standardize their safety, health and environmental protection management.

3. It is helpful to prevent casualties and environmental damage caused by production accidents.

4. Reduce the cost of claims caused by accidents of organizations related to oil and gas exploration, oil refining and chemical.

5. Improve the social image and industry competitiveness of petroleum and petrochemical related organizations.