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Safety, Environment and Health Management System Certification Of China Petrochemical Corp

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Basic introduction

Q / SHS 0001. 1 Sinopec HSE management system

“Sinopec HSE management system”(Q / SHS 0001. 1-2001) formulated by SINOPEC. Health, safety and environment system (HSE management system) is a set of systematic management methods formulated by oil and gas enterprises to reduce and eliminate the health, safety and environmental risks that may occur in the production of oil industry and protect personal safety and ecological environment. It integrates the management experience of peers from all over the world, reflects the standard operation of oil and gas enterprises under the environment of big cities, and highlights the scientific management concept of people-oriented, prevention oriented, leadership commitment, full participation and continual improvement. It is the pass for the oil and gas industry to realize modern management and march into the international market.

According to the professional characteristics of each enterprise, Sinopec has formulated the HSE management system standard based on the environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system standards, i. e. “Sinopec HSE management system”(Q / SHS 0001. 1-2001) formulated by SINOPEC. This standard specifies the basic requirements of the health, safety and environment management system, and aims to enable the organization to control the health, safety and environment risks, achieve the health, safety and environment objectives, and continually improve its performance.

Standard features

1. This standard describes the essential elements for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the safety, environment and health management system.

2. This standard is formulated by Sinopec to ensure that it and relevant parties (customers, contractors, partners, etc. ) realize the safety, environment and health management objectives. This standard supports rather than replaces the existing sound, feasible and effective management system and system of Sinopec.

3. This standard puts forward the basic requirements ofthe  safety, environment and health management system. The operation of the safety, environment and health management system of all directly affiliated enterprises and trusteeship enterprises should be based on this principle and implemented in combination with its own characteristics. It is applicable to the safety, environment and health management of Sinopec.

Significance of implementation

1. Effectively reduce accidents and occupational hazards, ensure the health and safety of employees, and reduce the risk of production and operation.

2. Safety management can be carried out systematically to achieve the best safety effect with the least investment.

3. Protect the environment and meet the requirements of government and local laws and regulations.

4. Optimize the relationship with enterprise customers and create stable and lasting cooperative relationship.

5. Improve the utilization rate of raw materials and energy, protect natural resources and increase economic benefits.

6. Meet public expectations and maintain good public and social relations.

7. Establish excellent corporate culture, maintain the reputation of the enterprise and enhance the market competitiveness.